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New Works and Solo Performances

Performed on 11.4.21 at the

Center for Performance Research

'New Compositions for Improvisor'

featuring world premieres of:

Nick Dunston, 'A Fleeting Once'

Weasel Walter, 'Dire Consequenzas'

Lucie Vitkova, 'Octavia' w/ electronics

Leila Bordreuil 'Mirage'

Joanna Mattrey 'Weaver'

featuring light and sculptural installation created in collaboration with James Kennedy, architect

With 'Weaver' Mattrey deconstructs a traditional Lebanese folk song by Fairooz and creates melodic and textural improvisations based on the source material. This piece and accompanying installation honors Mattrey's late grandmother, who raised silk worms in Lebanon, and deals with the threads of ancestry, loss, and continued connection through music. 

Performed on 6.9.21 at the Fridman Gallery

POV: Simulation is a digitally induced synesthesia experience created in collaboration with physicist Dr. Graham Walker. Using the frequencies of Mattrey’s soundscape, Dr. Walker translates each sound into its mathematically corresponding color, to gain insight into the minute changes of overtones and subtones within Mattrey's performance. Combining this process with video footage POV: Simulation forges a digital pathway through Mattrey’s compositions.

Compositions by Joanna Mattrey
Cosmol digital rendering by Dr. Graham Walker

Performed on 3.11.21 at 8pm at The Clemente

THRUM, a performance film piece that blends sound, light, poetry, and cinema to span personal, physical, and spiritual realms. This piece is co-presented with The Clemente, and will be streamed from the Flamboyán Theater in the Lower East Side. Featuring poet/filmmaker No Land, Thrum draws on myth as a means to disrupt cycles, find joy in the void, and seek the current through the internal and the universal.

Livestream Feature and Interview with Chicago's Experimental Sound Studios Option Series
'The Quarantine Concerts" 

Performed on 2.11.20 at the Fridman Gallery

'Veiled' (Relative Pitch, 2020) Album release show

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